Just another dude playing ACNL and loving the huge community of it. I do commissions sometimes, and I upload stupid screenshots/comics :D
I haven’t posted on here in ages, so here’s a little preview of icons for my twitch channel, twitch.tv/squirtepete

at least I have a nice view.

cat the blank-faced gal who seems to have a stalker-obsession with a cross-dressing aii
over-protective (aii’s) older sister fuku
student body president jinn who’s apparently a rebel
cy who looks like a role-model student but actually has verr poor grades and falls asleep a lot
ahmnyc who’s constantly trying to cause some good-hearted trouble
rem the goody good two shoes who can never seem to get his head out of the clouds 

Welcome to New Leaf High where there’s a new adventure everyday and no one knows who is the main protagonist //thumbs up

Wat, where do we sign up to enroll?

gettin’ ready to go out • ᴗ •

ACNL: Happy Birthday by Hokousha
I GOT ON ACNL THIS MORNING AND WAS JUST AJKSDFAJLKSNan, a goat villager of mine I have who moved in the second day I had the game greeted me from my house and told me she had a surprise!She took me to her house and inside was rodeo and KABUKI, THE VILLAGER WHO HAS STAYED SINCE THE BEGINNING, MY BABY, MY LOVE.I LOVE YOU TOO BABU*note: my Kabuki calls me  ”my love” in my game.*But seriously that was a cool thing to me for some reason…My family is busy today, school and work, and wasn’t able to stay home with me and won’t be home till late tonight and it felt oddly comforting to know I still got a birthday party and I actually got to blow out the candles. ;v;

who says you can’t get attached to video games? ACNL gives me such feels
Getting back on that commish grind. WIP for Mesha

i hope you feel better soon rem <3